About Corporate Windows

Corporate Windows is located in the historic gold mining city of Ballarat in Western Victoria.

The company incorporated in 1993 when Client-Server Technologies were just beginning to impact the Small/Medium Enterprise sector.

Around 1994 we started writing systems that operated over dial-up and leased telephone lines to connect remote workgroups to a centralised database. It was all fairly primitive by today's standards.

When the internet became generally available we directed our efforts to developing data management tools for authoring cost-effective, web enabled Client Server systems that would operate over TCP/IP.

The end result was our flagship product WebPublisher Studio which began in 1997 and has been used in numerous production systems since 1998.

Historic Ballarat

Specialists in developing targeted software solutions
  • Our expert knowledge of Database, Networking, Internet and Multi-Platform integration allows us to solve almost any kind of information management problem.
  • We've successfully completed projects for many high profile clients throughout Australia and overseas including universities, corporations and small-medium enterprises.

Call us Propeller-Heads but we really enjoy solving IT problems.

We've been supporting clients for over 25 years
  • We have developed dozens of information packages for all kinds of business - from Amway Resellers to Zodiak Raft distributors.
  • Our track record of successful system development, project management, acceptance testing, user training, help-system design and technical documentation means that we have the skills to manage a diverse range of ICT projects.
  • Our customers understand the advantages a well-crafted, custom IT system deliver to their business.

Our expertise includes:
  • Project Management
  • Systems Audit & Analysis
  • System Design & Specification
  • Networking & Communications
  • Server Architecture & Configuration
  • Custom Application Development
  • Telework Consultancy

Telework Partnership
We've been a National Telework Partner since 2012

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