Our Mission - Solving ICT Problems
  • We have the technology and IT skills for improving the management of critical enterprise data.
  • Our software is built using leading-edge tools for modelling any type of enterprise activity.
  • We can implement end-to-end integration of software services within any business.
  • We focus on delivering practical, cost-effective solutions to any kind of IT problem.
  • We have a demonstrated track record delivering projects on time and on budget.
  • We comprehensively support all of our bespoke software.
  • We listen!


Cockerill Transport - Fleet Management
We needed to solve a major problem importing data into Excel spreadsheets reliably. Any errors pasting data had the potential to seriously inconvenience customers and cost us a lot of money. We initially commissioned a simple desktop application to solve this problem, then we saw the potential for linking our Freight Movement database between the Melbourne and Ballarat offices. So we got the system web-enabled and now we connect to our data anytime we need to - from work or home. The system has been running flawlessly since 2012 with Corporate Windows hosting and securing our data.

Our information systems are built for stability, reliability and longevity.

We provide Consulting Services for planning, developing & implementing ICT strategies.

Here are some of the information and technical services we offer:

-ICT Consulting Assistance -Internet Presence - Information Architecture
-Systems Audit & Specification -Systems Analysis & Documentation
-User Acceptance Testing -User Training & Technical Writing
-Networks & Telecommunications -ICT Asset Management, Procurement & Planning
-Telework/Telecommuting -Multi-platform Integration

We can advise on all aspects of planning your ICT strategy

We offer Internet On-Line Services for hosting our custom information systems.

Corporate Windows offer extensive online hosting and web development services. Systems we build can be hosted on the client's enterprise network or co-located on the Corporate Windows network.

Our online services include:

-Database Publishing Services -Online Data Capture & Publishing
-Custom Web Development & Hosting -Email Subscription, SEO & Marketing Services
-Secure Web Sites & Mail Services using SSL -Cloud backup of mission critical data

We can host your information securely on-line.

We provide Business Analysis Services for specifying and developing enterprise systems.

-Desktop Application Integration -Project Management Services
-DBMS & SQL Systems Development -Custom Programming Services
-Custom Intranet/Document Publishing -Mac and Windows installations
-Systems Migration -Local Area/Wide Area Networking

 Poorly designed systems... Frustrate users, cause bottlenecks and cost money by impeding productivity.

 Well crafted systems... Reduce costs, improve efficiency and generate reliable information.

Custom Systems Development

Our standard design and development methodology normally operates as follows:
  1. Pre-feasibilty consultation to understand the scope of works.
  2. Audit the business identifying activities to be automated.
  3. Prepare a Functional Requirement Statement (FRS) detailing all works required with a fixed price quote.
  4. Once the FRS is approved we commence building the system.
  5. During development we provide prototype builds for acceptance testing and review.
  6. When all modules are finalised we deploy a Sandbox release of the system for final acceptance testing.
  7. Subject to final acceptance, the system is deployed to the nominated production environment.