Corporate Windows - custom enterprise software development
  • We design ICT solutions to manage any type of business activity.
  • We build systems that connect branch offices and mobile users to back office data.
  • Our products are all designed to run identically on Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • Software can be designed for single users or multiple users on a local network or over the internet.
  • Our design methodology ensures that bespoke systems are written to match customer requirements.

 Accurate information. Seamless communication.
Whether you are a small business or a large company, having access to reliable, up-to-date information is crucial for decision making.  A well designed information system adds value to your business by accurately modeling what you do and automating repetitive administrative tasks.

How well does your current system work for you?

 Do you manage an "Off-The-Shelf" business?
If you're exactly the same as everyone else then chances are an "off-the-shelf-one-size-fits-all-information-system" may work just fine. However, most of the really successful businesses rely upon custom information systems to ensure they keep ahead of their competition.

Will your ICT systems adapt to your future needs?


Fleet Services - Ship Refitters: Custom Accounting Software
We've had a Job Estimates, Debtors Tracking and other custom accounting modules installed at Fleet Services for more than 15 years. We wanted something that precisely recorded what we actually do. This system has been able to grow and accommodate changes to our business as the need arose including moving from Macs to Windows. We've been impressed with the everyday reliability - the system has been running without any modification for the last 10 years.

We build information systems to work exactly the way you do.

All desktop applications we develop provide a rich user-interface and are capable of supporting multiple users across any shared network including the internet.  Systems can be written to model any type of business activity and offer the following major advantages:

-Customised Business Logic and Flow -Field-level validation of data
-Powerful data search and retrieval -Extensive custom reports
-Feature rich interface -Integrated email support
-Security & user access control -Extensibility
-User friendly interface & controls -Single or Multi-user for Mac &/or Windows

Our clients know their software investment will pay them back many times over.

Examples - Windows & Mac Screens

Our Internet Online Database Systems are designed to deliver information services to end-users using ubiquitous internet tools like web browsers on computers, tablets and smart phones. Well known examples of web services include commercial sites (eg. Amazon, eBay and PayPal), stockbroking, internet banking services, shopping carts, social media etc.
Systems can be built to deliver content securely for a wide range of online activities including:

    1. Bulk Email dispatching - subscription services
    2. eCommerce - buying & selling
    3. Information services - data access & dissemination
    4. Intranets & enterprise help systems

Site Examples:


Examples - Web Service Submit Forms

Our Client-Server Remote Systems are designed to deliver desktop database functionality over the internet.  Our design uses a centralised Database Server to provide secure access to custom applications that operate like any desktop database. 

The systems we develop are scalable:

- From the work group through to the enterprise, our software enables user access from any point of presence.  These systems are ideal for applications like Telework and mobile computing where system users need reliable, up-to-date information for making critical decisions.

Client Server Distributed Database

Our Client-Server applications have these advantages:

    1. End-to-end security using encrypted transmissions
    2. Rich desktop user interface delivered over the internet
    3. 100% up-to-date data available to all users 24/7
    4. All data stored on the server - no data held on client machines
    1. Stability - our systems are extremely fault tolerant and reliable
    2. Speed - Thick Applications only exchange data thereby using less bandwidth
    3. Extensive management tools for remote database administration and access
    4. Affordability - our systems are cost effective for small and large organisations