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We've been developing business information systems for over 25 years. 
The systems described below are just a few of the many solutions we've designed for clients.

This Appointments tracking and Case Management system was designed to operate over the internet. The Thick Client system allowed the agency to arrange appointments and record service information for statistical reporting to management. A web interface was provided to enable staff to check their scheduled appointments from anywhere. The system was deployed across seven campuses of a prominent Melbourne University.
This system is a shell application that allows the management of resources (eg. Room Allocations, Accommodation, Equipment) that can be booked and utilised by entities. The last implementation developed using this shell managed accommodation within a university residential complex.
Several purpose-built accounting modules have been developed for clients as part of broader custom applications. These include Creditors, Debtors, Cashbook, and Inventory systems plus specialised modules such as Job Estimating, Purchase Order Tracking and custom certificate recording.
Made for the building and construction industry, this system was designed as a Project Management and Estimating database. It includes a built-in purchasing module integrated with debtor accounting.
Customer Relations Management application used to track prospects according to user defined follow-up schedules. The system records contact and follow-up details on leads and permits allocation to agents for tracking commissions. It was originally designed for an Amway Gold executive.
Convention Centre is a comprehensive application for managing conferences, tours and other types of event. A product review in MacUser magazine (Issue 56, March 1994) described our software as an example of "World Best Practice"

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System designed to track donors and donations and manage appeals, campaigns and sponsorships. This database was written for one of the major charities in Melbourne.
This system records Employers, Vacancies and prospective Candidates and allows matchment to be performed across multiple, user-defined, search criteria. Applications can be tracked and candidates can be assigned to short-lists for forwarding to employers. Vacancies can be screened by the Recruitment Consultant for easy access. The system permits mail-merging of form-letters to successful and unsuccessful applicants.
This web-enabled system allows data processing and reporting from any internet point-of-presence. The system was designed for a transport company to process freight movement orders using a thick client application built in WebPublisher Studio.
An online Web Service developed in WebPublisher to manage student rental accommodation. This system was used by Victoria University and RMIT University to manage their student housing services for over 13 years from 1998-2012. This system comprised a mixture of LAN and web based clients for accessing properties for lease.

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A Job Ticketing, Tracking and Billing system for the publishing industry. This mission-critical application was used in production for over 10 years.
This Case Management System was designed to record clients and matters within a legal practice. The system was distributed across seven remote offices in Melbourne and regional Victoria and included an accounting module that enabled client accounts to be maintained at branch offices. Information was aggregated on the main server using wide-area-networking and dial-up telephony. Written in 1995 this Remote Client Server system predated the internet.
Built for one of Australia's largest telecommunications companies, this system was used to roster telemarketing staff based upon some extremely stringent HR rules. The system was designed to balance the skills-mix of staff on shifts without violating work-practice requirements.
A decision support system for Occupational Health and Safety, this system used a Safe Behaviour Management paradigm to classify "at-risk" behaviours on work-sites. The system produced charts that showed the distribution of safe and unsafe behaviours within plant and departments.
SubScriber allows you to manage annual membership subscriptions and has facility for producing tagged lists of members for easy access and preparing custom reports and mail-merges. It has full Cash Book facilities so you can manage all of your organisations accounts. Multi user version supports unlimited users.
TenderBase is an online Tender Subscription application. The service objective of this project was to deliver published tenders in the fastest way possible - batches are published twice daily and published tenders can be reviewed from the web site. All of the active server pages, email batches, logging, plus the Jakarta based data-entry Thick Client were written in WebPublisher Studio. This system has been in production since 2005.

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These systems were built using Omnis Studio
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