WebPublisher Studio lets you to control your business data from anywhere, anytime. Our powerful Client Server development framework lets you create feature-rich web applications for Thin  and Thick database clients that deliver real-time data to desktop applications and web browsers over TCP/IP. You can leverage any, or all, of your business data to end-users providing seamless access 24/7.

WebPublisher Studio can operate in many different configurations
Serving active web pages, remote database entry using a desktop client, peered data transfer (eg. Client Server database aggregation, reporting and batching), email merge and dispatching, eCommerce etc. Pretty much any situation where access to real time data is critical to business activity.

 It's a complete development environment comprising a Database Server and Developer Client which are used to write custom web solutions. When used in conjunction with other internet services, such as POP/SMTP Mail Servers and HTTP Web Servers it is capable of creating powerful, integrated web applications delivered to any platform.

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Indotender - Online Tender Subscription & Notification Services
Stability is critical to our business model. We've had WebPublisher Studio running our online services for over 10 years now and cannot fault the reliability of the system. The server is hosted in Australia and our operators working from Jakarta can interact with the system as if the database was sitting on their machine.

 What can you do using WebPublisher Studio?

 Thin Client - Serving Active Web Pages

WebPublisher Studio is a comprehensive application development framework for creating dynamic web services. Active Web Pages (also known as Active Server Pages) are authored using WebPublisher Studio Code Resources that are programmed to implement business rules. WebPublisher Studio Server manages all the middleware functions to compile and deliver your HTML response to web browsers on any platform. Our systems can be configured for secure access behind commonly used Web Servers like Apache and IIS.

 Thick Client - Complete Desktop Applications

WebPublisher Studio is designed to develop and serve database content to custom desktop client applications. Our developer tools are used to create a feature rich user-interface that can enforce client-side data validation and encrypted transaction processing. Our Thick Client systems are extremely fast because only the encrypted data is exchanged between server and client. Furthermore, data entry tasks are made more efficient because operators are not restricted by the interface constraints of Thin Client systems.

 Developer Client - Build Custom Database Systems

The developer version of WebPublisher Studio comprises three self-contained libraries for creating web applications: WebPublisher Server, WebPublisher Client and the WebPublisher Thick Client Toolbox. WebPublisher Studio uses a plugin architecture that allows delivery of multiple, discrete web services from a single server. All resources are authored and tested using the development toolkit then deployed to a production environment using the built in File Transfer tools.

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 Administration Client - Manage Production Systems

The production version of WebPublisher Studio contains extensive administration tools for managing deployed systems. The Administration Client regulates user access to Server resources as well as allowing authorised software developers to deploy and maintain their WebPublisher Studio applications remotely. Administrators can also control many other aspects of Server behaviour including publishing resources online, managing SMTP Relay Servers and Mail Queues, modifying service ports, and reviewing server logs.

We are available to write custom systems to your precise specifications.

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